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The re-cycling of leading ladies in Kollywood.

May 16, 2012

In this blog, I’m looking at the current state of leading ladies in Tamil movie industry and how I feel Kollywood is playing it safe with a selected few.

Let’s look at some of the biggies that are lining up for release in the next few months.

Surya’s Maatran is coming up first. Who is the heroine – Kajal Aggarwal. Let’s move to Vijay’s Thuppaki. Who ? Again Kajal Aggarwal.

Let’s look at a fresh project about to start. OKOK‘s Rajesh M’s new movie with Surya’s brother KarthiAll in All Azhagu Raja. Guess who – Its Kajal Aggarwal again.

Don’t get me wrong. She is pretty and does her part well. But all top heroes giving an opportunity to her makes their projects monotonous. We want to see some variety.


As of today, Tamannaah doesn’t have any tamil movies on hand. But she just ended a dream run in Tamil. Between 2009 to 2011, She acted with Vijay, Surya, Karthi (2), Dhanush (2), Jayam Ravi and Bharath. Good for her. At present, she is concentrating on Telugu. But she will come back to Tamil anytime. We have to wait for her Round – II in tamil.


Let’s look Surya’s next project after Maatran – Singham – 2. Since its a sequel, they have to retain Anushka Shetty and they are adding a new gal – Hansika. OK. Lets look at Delhi Belly Tamil remake Settai with Arya – Its Hansika again. OK OK. Let’s looks at Simbu aka STR’s Vettai Mannan. Its Hansika again. OK OK OK. Let’s look at his new project Vaalu. No prize for guessing it. – Its Hansika again. Not at all OK.  Simbu is repeating her even before their first movie as a pair Vettai Mannan releases.

I’m not a big fan of Hansika. She is a pretty gal.  Despite OKOK, I’m not very impressed with her acting. Acting in 4 tamil movies is too too much.

Anushka Shetty

Anushka has done projects in Tamil with Madhavan, Vijay, Surya, Vikram and Simbu. At present, she has Thandavam with Vikram, Irandam Ulagam with Arya, Alex Pandian with Karthi and Singham – 2 with Surya. Sweety (her real name) is a nice person in real life. But her chemistry with Vijay and Surya wasn’t that great. For her age and height, she suits more with little older heroes like Nagarjuana etc., Nearly 7 tamil movies since 2009. Hope she makes way for some younger gals to come up.

I wish Kollywood considers some fresh blood. I’m a big admirer of Richa Gangopadhay.

She is really pretty. Winner of a beauty pageant in US. Apart from her Telugu and Bengali movies, in Tamil, she did a glamorous role in Osthe and a performance oriented role in Mayakkam Enna. After Simran and Jyothika, I would say she has got both looks and talent. She acts better than any of her contemporaries. If our awards are given based on merit only, then she will sweep Best Actor (Female) category for year 2011 for the tamil movie Mayakkam Enna. Unfortunately, life is not fair. Neither the people behind awards.

Apart from Richa, we also Amala Paul, Priya Anand, Janani Iyer etc., who are talented and beautiful and I wish Kollywood pays some more attention on them. 

When I watch Vijay – Trisha or Vijay – Asin songs on TV, I’m not able to figure out the movies. They have acted in so many movie, they all look the same.

It’s time Vijay, Ajith, Vikram, Surya and Karthi mix it up little bit. After all, variety is the spice of life. 🙂

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