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“Attakathi” Nandita’s Interview in Kalki

September 3, 2012

I’m yet to fall in Love in Life

From time to time, Kannada beauties have come to Kollywood and have captured the hearts of Tamil Fans. The latest to do so is Nandita who is going to pierce the hearts of Tamil Fans with Attakathi.

My original name is Sweta.  Since I acted in a Kannada movie “Nanda-Nandita“, the director has changed my name to Nandita. I’m naturally beautiful. My mom gives me special beauty tips. All the tips involve natural products. Twice a month, I put henna on my hair. I have a lot of girl friends. Mostly, when I talked to them, it was about movies. They used to tease me that since you look beautiful, why don’t you try your hand in acting. In my home, they are totally against acting. So to satisfy my folks at home, I started with modeling. I did a lot of ads. But my dream about acting in movies was growing day by day. All hell broke loose when my parents come to know about my desire about acting.

My dad is in real estate business. So we don’t have to struggle for money. After lot of trying, finally I convinced my dad. Then I got a chance to act in a Kannada movie. That was with director Vijaykumar called “Nanda Nandita“. My character in Kannada movie was done by Meghna Raj Tamil remake. That Kannada movie’s success opened doors for more chances.

Attakathi ?

I have to say it was luck. The entire movie was shot in a village called “Manappaakam“. I’m studying IIyear B.Com in Bangalore. Since my character was also a College Student character, it was natural for me to both act and study. When director Ranjith came to Bangalore and narrated the story of Attakathi to me that the story is about the life of a College Student and incidents of Love happening to her. Right there, I started visualizing my character. I looked beautiful in Half Saree. When the movie’s shooting ended, Nandita has gone and only Poorni is there.

Did you fall in Love in real life ?

How can it be possible when you come from a strict family who are even against acting. If I say Love, then my parents will be all over me. So in real life, nothing of that sort ever happened to me.

What is your next movie ?

I’m going to act in director Venkatesh’s Tamil movie. My dream is to act in good story and with established actors. I’m also getting offers in Kannada. I’ll choose good movies and then act in those.

Will you act in Glamour roles ?

No Never. My parents will never let me do that.





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