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Actress Vedhika’s Interview in Kungumam (English Translation)

September 10, 2012

Here is an English translation:

I’m Bala’s Heroine !

“Sometimes a gap/break becomes a blessing in disguise to get a good opportunity”  — Vedhika gets philosophical as she refers the chance she got to work with Dir Bala after sometime in Tamil.  She disappeared from Tamil after acting in Kaalai, Sakkarakatti, and Madaraasi — but with Dir Bala’s Paradesi she is back with a bang.

Vedhika looks like a slimmer version of Nagma. Her beauty strikes you in person. She speaks excellent Tamil — good enough to sing a Ilayaraja song — ” Sangathil Paadha Kavithai En Munnaey Yaar Nindrthau” (“Who is this poem which was not read in public standing in front of me”— OK let’s ask her, where she has been all along ?

Since I was Simbu’s leading lady in “Kaalai“, I did get a good opening in Tamil. With Muni, I reached the B and C centers of Tamil Nadu. So I thought the offers were going to pour in for me. There was not even a drizzle. I was tired of hearing the same old scripts in Tamil. So I silently moved on to Tollywood. I acted in a movie called Baanam. For that movie, I got the Best Actress Nandi award. Then I acted in one more Telugu and another movie in Kannada with Ganesh.

Even I though, I was busy in other languages, I was hoping for an offer in Tamil. At that time, I got a call from Dir Bala’s office. They asked me if I can come for Paradesi movie’s test shoot. The very next day, I flew down to Chennai. Bala sir guessed I might be suitable for that role. Once I reached Chennai, at his office, I put on make-up and was asked to wear a costume from Paradesi. Then they did a test shoot for two days.

After the test shoot, my heart was beating heavily thinking about the results — even people who were just opposite to me could hear my heart beat. I was so excited and tensed. On 3rd, I got a call from Bala Sir office that I passed Bala Sir’s exam.  I felt like I won the national award at that moment. In Bala Sir movie, even a small character will have a lot of importance. I don’t need to tell what will be the importance for a heroine in his movie. I can’t reveal anything about my character or Paradesi‘s story as per Bala Sir’s instructions. As Vedhika was ending the interview, We asked her another question — “Bala Sir is known for putting his artists into lot of hardship. How was it in your case ?”

From Junior Artists to hero and heroine – Bala Sir treats them all in the same way. We can learn a lot from him. Paradesi is my sixth movie in Tamil. With this one movie, I got the experience of acting in ten movies. When the hair moves from left to right due to wind, Bala Sir will make sure the hair is brought back to the original position before the shoot. How to see someone on-screen, How to bring out the expression in face — Bala Sir is an expert and we can just make a movie about how he teaches his artists while shooting.

Lot of people told me, “If you are going to act in Dir Bala’s movie, then we can see you only after two years”. But he finished the entire shooting in 85 days. Different character, Different get-up — Even for myself, I looked new in the movie. Movie itself will be little bit shocking for everyone. Please wait for sometime. Then we asked her, ” What is the meaning of Paradesi” — She replied ” Nomad/Wanderer (Vazhipokkan)”. Looks like She has become an expert in Tamil.

How about your Kollywood friends, weekend parties etc., ? — I have few friends — Tamannaah, Sangeetha, Devi Sri Prasad are a few of my friends. But I don’t go for partying. Even though, I’m a Mumbai girl, I learnt Tamil well. I also like Tamil culture. I want to reach a good position in Kollywood. I don’t want to spoil my name by going for parties, freaking out etc., — Vedhika concludes with a clear mind of her own.


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