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Thaandavam Review

September 28, 2012

UTV – Disney’s Thaandavam with Vikram in the lead and Vijay directing it comes after their successful Deiva Thiru Magal. With Vikram, Anushka, Amy Jackson, Santhanam, Lakshmi Rai etc., there were reasonable expectations from the viewing public about Thaandavam. UTV’s decision to play the songs on Tamil music channels certainly helped to spread the word around in the overseas market. Everyone knew it was a Thriller and Vikram was playing a blind man’s role. Did Thaandavam meet or exceed the viewers’ curiosity, let’s find out..

A blind mystery man (Vikram) commits a series of murders in London. His poor Taxi Driver Santhanam is caught by the Police. An aspiring beauty queen (Amy Jackson) gets caught in the middle of all this. As the tempo shoots up, through Flash back, the back story from India is shown. A beautiful romance post wedding along the lines of Mouna Raagam between Vikram and Anuska happens in a Village and in Delhi. The flash back also narrates the story of bonding between two RAW officers who are good friends – Vikram and Jagapathi Babu. An hunt for missing weapon flow chart takes Vikram to London. A series of dramatic events, a twist and an ordinary climax unfolds in the last 45 minutes.

Vikram excels in the lead role. As a RAW officer, an unwilling bridegroom and post wedding — as appreciative husband, he excels. As a blind man who knows Ecolocation, he plays the part so convincingly. He has a six pack too. Like Kamal, everyone expects Vikram to play his part well. So no surprises there. Anushka adds freshness to the movie and does her part well. Amy Jackson is a long way to go. Lakshmi Rai has a small role. Santhanam’s comdey could be better. Nasser plays his part as Eelam Tamil Cop in London well. No complaints about Jagapathi Babu either.

Nirav Shah and GV Prakash have done a decent job. Dir Vijay has done his home work well in terms of research for story and screen play etc., Still screenplay could have tighter for a Thriller.

GoodVikram, Anushka, A different story and screen play compared to other Tamil movies and Songs.

Bad –  Not a crisp screenplay. Amy Jackson. Not much scope for Santhanam to perform.

Rating: 3 + .5 for Vikram’s sincererity = 3.5 * out of 5

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