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English Vinglish Theater Listings in US

October 5, 2012
  1. The English Vinglish will be the playing at these locations in the USA and the Canada! Call the theatre for actual timings. Take the mouse and click the book-vook!

    Arizona Tempe Cinemas
    California Naz Cinemas
    California Laemmle Fallbrook Cinemas
    California BIG Cinemas Fremont 7
    California AMC Mercado 20 with IMAX, CA
    California AMC Orange 30, CA
    California Regal Emery Bay, San Francisc…

    California Regal Westpark 8, Irvine, CA
    California Regal UA Horton Plaza, San Diego
    California Cinemark Elk Grove Laguna 16, CA
    California Cinemark Union City 25, CA
    California Century Pacific Commons
    California BIG Cinemas Dos Lagos
    California BIG Cinemas Towne Center 3
    Colorado Regal Greenwood Plaza, CO
    Connecticut Nat. Amusements Showcase Bridgeport 12, CT
    Florida Touchstar Cinemas, Orlando
    Florida AMC Regency 24 with IMAX, FL
    Florida AMC Veterans 24, Tampa Florida
    Florida Regal Sawgrass Stadium 23, Miami, FL
    Georgia AMC North Dekalb
    Georgia BIG Cinemas Peachtree 8
    Illinois AMC Barrington 30 with IMAX, IL
    Illinois Regal Cantera 30, IL
    Illinois BIG Cinemas Golf Glen Stadium 5
    Indiana Georgetown 14 Cinemas
    Kansas AMC Studio 30 KC with IMAX, KS
    Massachusetts AMC Methuen 20, MA
    Massachusetts Regal Westborough 12, MA
    Maryland AMC Rio 18
    Maryland Regal Snowden Square Stadium, MD
    Michigan AMC John R, MI
    Minnesota AMC Eden Prairie Mall 18
    Missouri AMC Chesterfield 14
    North Carolina Galaxy Cinemas, Raleigh
    North Carolina AMC Concord Mills 24 with IMAX, NC
    North Carolina Regal Stonecrest, Charlotte, NC
    New Jersey BIG Cinemas Columbia Park 12
    New Jersey BIG Cinemas Movie City 8
    New Jersey Nat. Amusements Town Center Plaza 15, NJ
    New Jersey AMC Newport Centre 11, NJ
    New Jersey AMC Loews New Brunswick
    New Jersey AMC Loews Wayne 14
    New Jersey Regal Burlington Stadium 20, NJ
    New Jersey Regal Hadley Theatre Stadium 16, NJ
    New Jersey Regal Commerce Center Stadium 18, NJ
    New York BIG Cinemas Bombay 1
    New York Nat. Amusements Farmingdale 14, NY
    New York AMC Village 7
    New York AMC Roosevelt Field 8
    New York AMC Palisades Mall
    New York Regal Crossgates Mall, Albany
    New York BIG Cinemas Manhattan 1
    Ohio BIG Cinemas PHX Theatre Eastgate 10, Cleveland
    Ohio AMC Dublin Village 18, OH
    Pennsylvania AMC Waterfront 22, Pittsburgh
    Pennsylvania Regal Barn Plaza Stadium 14, PA
    Pennsylvania Regal Marketplace @ Oaks Stadium 24, PA
    Texas Hollywood MacArthur
    Texas FunAsia, Irving
    Texas Bollywood 6 Houston
    Texas AMC Studio 30 Houston, TX
    Texas Cinemark Tinseltown 14, Austin
    Texas Cinemark 15 Cinemas, Beaumont
    Texas Santikos Northwest 14, San Antonio
    Virginia Regal Countryside Stadium 20, VA
    Virginia Regal Virginia Center Stadium 20, Richmond VA
    Virginia BIG Cinemas Loehmann’s 2
    Washington Roxy Cinemas
    Washington Totem Lake Cinemas
    Wisconsin AMC Mayfair 18 with IMAX, WI

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