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MaattrraaN Review

October 13, 2012

AGS – EROS  ‘s MaattrraaN reunites the combination of Actor Surya – Dir KV Anand after their hugely successful “Ayan”. Ever since the public came to know that Surya is playing the role of conjoined twins, the curiosity has gone up. The hot and happening Kajal Aggarwal joins Surya for the first time. With Harris Jayaraj’s music, a top-notch supporting cast and a technical crew, the expectations are sky-high for MaattrraaN. Does the movie meet or exceed the expectations. Let’s find out..

Akilan and Vimalan are conjoined twins who are as different as Chalk and Cheese when it comes to their personalities. Their father is a multi-millionaire businessman who runs an Energy drink company for kids. A mysterious woman from Ukrania (a fictional country) is trying to steal the secret formula of the energy drink. Kajal Aggarwal is the Russian Translator. As we reach the interval block, a twist happens in the story. In the second half, movie goes to Ukrania. Surya and Kajal try to investigate some of the mysteries associated with Surya’s Father and the energy drink formula. They return to India and with an unusual climax, the movie comes to end.

Surya is the lifeline of the movie. No question about it. As the witty Akilan, Surya steals the show in the first half. One rarely gets a chance to see a Surya who smokes, drinks and flirts with women. As the introvert Vimalan, Surya still manages to charm the audience. It’s difficult to act when you have to imagine your twin brother. So hats off to Surya for doing this difficult role. Kaajal Aggarwal with help of Chinmany’s dubbing does a neat job. Surya’s parents – Sachin Khedekar and Tara stand out among the rest of the cast.

K V Anand and his usual team of twins Subha have let down in the screen play dept. in the second half. The latest reports coming out of India that the movie is trimmed by 25 mins should be a huge relief for the audience. Better late than never. The camera by Sounder Rajan captures Norway and Russia well. A royal salute to Srinivas Mohan for the awesome VFX. Harris Jeyaraj’s songs are so so. But the background score is a big letdown. Looks like Dir KV Anand who is a tough task master has constrained Editor Antony.

Still go for MaattrraaN for the one man show – that is Surya!

Good – Surya and Surya, Camera, VFX

Bad – Lethargic Screen Play, Re-recording score

Rating: 3 stars out of 5

//Ramesh Bala

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  1. I believe it will be racy after some of the scenes are trimmed.

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