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October 15, 2012

Gossips help to ward away the Dhristhi/Evil Eye..

Taapsee’s Adukalam (Arena / Playground) is very wide in the movie industry – Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam and Hindi. We met her when she returned to Chennai after she completed her first schedule in Mumbai for Ajith’s untitled movie. Even though she doesn’t speak  Tamil like a Child, she speaks Tamil slowly. Whatever language she speaks, we can understand the expressions through her eyes.

We expected you to come for big round in Tamil after “Aadukalam”. But you went to Telugu and Hindi. Why?

That’s true. “Adukalam” gave me a super opening in Tamil. Even I thought “On the one hand, OK, I was happy that we got a good position in Kollywood, but on the other hand, I didn’t get any good scripts”.  I expected a lot from Jiiva’s “Vandhaan Vendraan”, but “hmm.. It didn’t work out as expected. So I decided to focus on Tollywood till I get a good script in Kollywood. In the mean time, there were several wrong news about me started appearing in Tamil Media.

So we asked her back “Which news are you referring to..”

“Taapsee is short-tempered, I don’t respect anyone, I’m going to leave the films etc., etc.. But you know what – ” I’m not that kind of a person. ” – She says in a soft voice. ( Wow.. Just to hear her soft voice again, I felt I should have asked for one more time to repeat the same) The press misunderstood me. Not a problem. I hope they don’t write like that anymore.”

We asked her – “Then how about Mahath – Manjo issue. Don’t you remember it”

After a few seconds of silence, Taapesee continues. “Yes! You are correct! I want to forget the issue. But I don’t want to hide it. Both Manoj and Mahath are my friends. 1o months before the incident, I and Mahath have stopped all the contacts in between us. And also I wasn’t there at the place where the incident happened. Unnecessarily, my name was dragged into it. I was not aware of the brawl that happened there. I didn’t know why it happened. Even I though I felt sad about the incident, I take that incident as warding of evil eyes of others on me (Dhristhi)”

In Tamil, I’m acting opposite to Arya in Dir Vishnuvardhan’s new movie with Ajith. Even though I didn’t get an opportunity to sing and dance with Ajith Sir, I have lot of combination scenes with him. He is very cute and simple Gentleman. I hope I get a chance to act as his leading lady one day. Apart from this, I don’t have any other commitments in Tamil.

In Telugu, I’m acting opposite to Adhi’s  in “Gundello Godari”. That move is being dubbed as “Maranthen Mannithen”. It’s about a 1981 real life incident happened at a Fishermen’s Village in Andhra Pradesh. My costume in the movie is Half Saree!  Then in Hindi, I have done a movie with Siddharth – ” Chashme Baddoor”. I’m not going to give importance to one particular language. Irrespective of the language, I believe Story/Script is the hero. So I choose movies based on the scripts.

“What is your position/place in the competition among the Top Heroines. Do you know your place?

“I don’t have any jealousy. I don’t believe in competition. I don’t want to be part of any rat race. Each one can only fill their own place. No one else can do that. So where is the competition here? Tamannaah and Priya Mani are my good friends. Whenever we find some free time, we talk. We praise each one’s movies. That’s what I consider healthy. ” We shouldn’t celebrate victory in a big way.. As well as we shouldn’t be dejected by failure..” Those are the words of wisdom from our Seniors. I would like to follow that.”

Keep it up Taapsee!

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