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Vedhika – Kumudam Interview

November 21, 2012

 When the daughter is crying and still if a Mother looks at her proudly, then it has to be Vedhika’s mom –  Because of the great creator Dir Bala.

Q: From the day when Paradesi shooting started, it looks like Dir Bala didn’t allow any of the actors’ clothes to be washed. Is that true?

A: Dir Bala has instructed us that till he speaks about Paradesi, we cannot talk about it. If I breach that and start talking about Paradesi, it will create unnecessary complications. So please don’t get me into any trouble. I’m happy and proud to be part of this movie/story that happens in 1930. I thought if my mom sees me in the dark make-up and unwashed costumes I was in, she would cry. But Instead, when she saw me, she was very proud of me. My mom told me – “Bala is a big director. Hereafter, you will have a big career in cinema”. Just to hear that words alone, I would withstand any hardships.

Q: You started you career in Tamil long time back. But still you haven’t done lot of movies. Why?

A: More than Quantity, I believe in Quality. That’s why I refused a lot of movies. I didn’t want to do any insignificant or run of the mill characters/roles. Dir Bala has showcased what kind of an actor Vedhika is in Paradesi and you are going to see it.

Q: How are you overcoming the problems that are associated with being an actress in the cinema industry?

A: Not only in Cinema industry, in all fields of work, women face problems. Since this is an entertainment industry, lot of people are focusing on it. That’s all. I don’t consider anything as a problem as such. It all depends on how you face a problem – depending on the way you approach a problem, you should be able to take care of it. Women in any field even outside movie industry should be able protect/take care of themselves. I’m very careful in this regard.

Q: In Paradesi, you have done a de-glamorized role. But when we look at your pix in your recent portfolio, looks like you are interested  in doing Glamour roles. Is that correct?

A: The job of an actor is to act according to the demands of the role/character. At the same time, if your previous role has created a good image among the public, then its better to avoid typical glamour roles for some time. That’s the tribute we do to the creator/director who gave us that powerful role in his/her movie. I think the same thing would happen to me also for sometime.

Q: Did Dir Bala say any harsh words during Paradesi shooting?

A: I don’t know why everyone is asking the same question. If someone doesn’t understand the essence of the character or the story, it’s very common for the Director to be little harsh on actors to bring the correct emotions/essence of the character. There is no need to make a big deal about it. In fact, more than any of the actors, it was Dir Bala who has gone through lot of hardship in making Paradesi.

Thus Vedhika concludes her epic admiration of Dir Bala.


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