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Vedhika’s Dinakaran Supplement Interview

December 7, 2012

In Dir Bala’s Paradesi, Vedhika has acted without her normal beautiful look and color. We started off with “After acting in Dir Bala’s movies, the heroines have never become big like his heroes. So on what basis did you accept Dir Bala’s movie?” Vedhika’s red face becomes even more red in anger after hearing the question. “Who said that? Didn’t Sangeetha become bigger? Didn’t Pooja win awards? For all of us who have acted in Paradesi — we have a bigger future.. Please wait.. ” She replied without taking a breadth.

” You are beautiful and very fair.. Why did you act as a dark gal? ” As soon as the question was finished, Vedhika again got angry. “I don’t know why everyone is asking this same question?”  I played a Tamil girl who worked as a manual labor in an agricultural field in 1930’s — Will she look like a fair girl?  My character was like that. I’m very privileged to act in Dir Bala’s movie. Paradesi will be a turning point in my career. I have that faith”  answered Vedhika.


Dir Bala has commented that “You can say Vedhika is fair.. But don’t say Vedhika is Beautiful” What is your response for that.. Vedhika closes her eyes for a few seconds and then opens them.

“Sometimes, Bala Sir speaks in a humorous way.. We have to take this also in the same way.. We can’t take this comment too seriously.. When he told that in the Press Conference, everyone laughed at it.. That means it’s just a tongue-in-cheek comment” But Vedhika wasn’t smiling or laughing when she replied to this question.


“OK.. Let’s move on.. We heard that you cried in the shooting spot because you found it difficult to act in certain tough scenes..”  Vedhika’s response: ” Am I a small kid to cry? I enjoyed and did act with full involvement in each and every scene.. May be in the scenes which required me to cry.. I would have cried..I’m not sure who is starting these unfounded rumors.. Everyone told me Dir Bala will shout if he doesn’t get the performance he is expecting from an actor.. But he never got angry with me..”

Then we asked Vedhika ” We heard you and Dhanshikaa got into lot of arguments and fights during the shoot?”  Her response: ” Why do we have to fight? We are very close friends now.. As long as you guys don’t create an imaginary fight between us.. we are good..”

“Do you go to Parties?” Vedhika becomes even more tensed with this question. “I’m not a party animal.. I’m here only to act.. I only have a few friends.. I believe in Quality rather than quantity.. What is the point in having too many friends.. if they are not close to you..


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