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KLTA – Tralier – Dialogues – English Translation

December 11, 2012

Scene 1:

PS: I’m going to say a Punch Dialogue..

Santa: Even if we say, “U shouldn’t.. R u going to listen..”


Scene 2:

PS: “For some people, after u see them several times.. u’ll like them..”

“For some people, u’ll like them in the very 1st instance u see them..”

“For power, u’ll like him even without seeing him..”

Santa: If u talk like this, u’ll go mad.. (The punch in this dialgoue is easy to understand in Tamil.. Its difficult to get that in English)


***** A song teaser*******


Scene 3:

Raja: Even a chicken gets up in the morning very early and is very active unlike u lazy guys..

Santa: Give chicken a quarter in the night.. Then u’ll know what time it gets up in the next morning..


Scene 4:

Shiva: My name is Shiva.. I live in this house..


Scene 5:

Kovai Sarala: Is da groom not in ur house?

Santa: Who is this Kovai Express?

VTV Ganesh: She is my wife.. Respect!

**** A song teaser which mocks Power as Vetti meaning useless.. ***


Scene 6:

Shiva: Somehow, we have to remove Power from Sowmya matter..

Power: When it comes to Love.. Heroism and comedy won’t work.. Only sentiment will work..


Scene 7:

Santa: How is ur pic in the cell ph camera..

Power: Its not good..

Santa: Then why are u doing like this..

****** A Song ***********

Scene 8:

Shiva: You only have to help my love so I can be with Sowmiya..

Santa: For how many days, I have to support others’ love.. When will I go to Ooty and do a duet song with the gal..

***** Appatuker Song************

Scene 9:

Power: I love u Sowmiya..

Sowmiya: Oh Uncle..

Santa: I love u Sowmiya..

Shiva: I’m in love with u a lot..

Sowmiya : Actually, I’m in love with someone else..

Shiva: Hey.. What r u saying..

Santa: Who is that guy..

Power: Where is that guy..

*****Simbu Enters******

Scene 10

Power: What Simbu has, which I don’t have..

Santa: Power, u r always joking..

Sowmiya: (Voiceover) : Please understand.. I don’t love u..

Scene 11:

Stranger: Is love a big deal (matter..)

Santa: No.. Love is not a big deal (matter).. If u pay money for that.. then that is matter..


*** The End***





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