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Kumudam Interview — Apana Guhan and Aruna Guhan

January 4, 2013

Here are some highlights from the Kumudam Interview of Aparna Guhan and Aruna Guhan who have taken charge at AVM Productions.

Aruna Guhan


Aparna Guhan



– Aparna and Arun are twins. Aruna is elder to Aparna by 13 minutes.

– As per their Grand father Mr. AVM Saravanan’s wish, they took Tamil as second language in school and are fluent in both reading and writing Tamil.

– They studied in London Metropolitan (Met) University. Aparna studied Business Management and Accounting. Aruna studied Fine Arts, Culture etc.,

– They also did some part-time work related to their studies to gain some valuable real life experience in London.

– Their likes in-terms of food, color etc. are very different. – Aparna is vegetarian, whereas Aruna is not. Aruna likes Pink and White colors, but Aruna does not like these colors. While Aparna drinks Tea and Coffee, Aruna doesn’t.

– In consistent with their educational background and their interests, Aparna is focusing on the economics and operations at AVM and Aruna is focusing on the creative and the artistic side at AVM.

– Both Aruna and Aparna are experts in cooking. Chinese, Italian and South Indian are their favorite cuisines. They started cooking when they were teenagers and it helped them a lot while they were studying in London.

– As 4th generation family members in charge of one of the oldest Production Houses in India – AVM – they are proud to be part of it. They don’t consider this as a burden.

– While they were studying in Chennai, they did split their time between working in AVM and studying. So they are very much at home in AVM.

– They want to take AVM Productions to International level. They want to bring out lot of youth concepts. Also want to use the latest technology in various phases of movie making at AVM.

– AVM Productions has entered into Social Media in a big way – Twitter, Facebook, YouTube etc.,

– They recently attended a film industry international conference in Singapore. They got contacts from China, Taiwan, Malaysia, London and US.

– They are very optimistic about the future of AVM and are roaring to go.

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