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Dir Bala – Kumudam Interview

February 23, 2013

Q: How is Paradesi experience?

A: Lot of People say they have toiled their blood and sweat for making their movie. But for Paradesi, I and my team have worked along side Forest Buffalos and forest insects. Also in Tea estate, blood sucking leaches were sucking our blood.

In Tamil Cinema, I feel there are only 5-6 actors who can do any type of roles. After the release of Paradesi, Atharvaa will be one among of them.

After Paradesi, there will be lot of new found respect for both Vedhika and Dhanshikaa among people as well as in the movie industry.

Other highlights from Dir Bala’s interview:

Dir Anurag Kashyap is working on taking Paradesi to Cannes.

Even if it goes to Film festivals, we are going to keep all the songs.

There is a side bar item – a short interview from Dir Anurag Kashyap:

Recently I saw Paradesi. I think Dir Bala has meticulously planned and executed Paradesi. I have never seen anyone showing that period’s people lifestyle.

After watching the movie, I called Dir Bala at 2am in the middle of the night and I asked him whether I can release the movie in North India and he said he was perfectly fine with it.

I’m going to release the movie with English and Hindi sub-titles in North India. Since Assam has lot of Tea Estates, I’m going to release there after dubbing in Assamese.

To the best of my knowledge, No director in North or South has directed a movie which showcases lives of people at a particular time in history with so much details. I was completely blown away by Paradesi.

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