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Vedhika’s Paradesi Performance Reviews from Various English Media Outlets..

March 21, 2013

1. Times of India

” After doing roles that only required her to look pretty, Vedhika gets a chance to show off her acting skills.”

2. Behindwoods

Vedhika who reminds a lot of yester year Srividhya performs spiritedly and is comfortable in her character..”

3. IndiaGlitz

Vedhika and Dhansika, whom you would have never seen this way before, also do justice to their roles. They produce memorable performances even though they don’t necessarily take too much screen time.. ”

4. Rediff

Vedhika plays the role of a young village belle to perfection. She is nicely tanned, very simply dressed and has absolutely no make-up throughout the film..”


Vedhika as a chirpy, naughty young girl transforms effortlessly to a wife and mother of a child patiently waiting for the return of her husband.

6. Sify

Bala is also able to extract a spellbinding performance from Vedhika as Angamma..

7. OneIndia

Performance wise, Bala has brought the best out of his characters once again. His main roles – Atharva, Dhansika and Vedhika have done complete justice to their roles. In fact, they have given their lives to the roles and impress audience with varied expressions.

8. Cinemalead

Vedhika as Angama is beautiful and her expressions are so cute. Both Atharva and Vedhika share an awesome chemistry in the climax and the scene don’t have much dialogue.


The ladies Vedhika and Dhanshika too did a superb job. Vedhika was brilliant in her expressions in both humor and sentiment scenes. Her makeup was perfect and her bubbly character brought a smile on the audience’s face. Dhanshika’s character was a bit rugged on the outside and emotional one from inside. She did an exceptional job in the second half. Vedhika and Dhanshika too get 5/5 for Paradesi.

10. Gulf News

Each and every one delivers a brilliant performance. Atharvaa in the skin of rustic Rasa, Vedhika, (the glamorous heroine of the other films) as the unglamorous Angamma and Dhansika as the bold Margatham with a little daughter, whose husband has left her, excel.

11. Top10Cinema

It was quite unimaginable about Vedhika signed up for a Bala’s film as her trendy looks were far beyond difficulty to be deglamorized. Again, it’s a magic by Bala as he molds her up stupendously

12. LMK’s Movie Reviews

Vedhika as Angamma is joy uninhibited and she shows that she can emote with the ease of a veteran in the emotional scenes as well. The chemistry between Atharvaa and Vedhika shines through in the delightful Avatha Paiyya number.

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