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Divya Spandana’s Interview in Kumudam

May 28, 2013

Divya Spandana’s Interview in Kumudam



Q: The Congress Mahila Wing has called you  “King Maker” – What is your take on that?

A: I don’t consider myself that big of a person. Due to the affection they have for me, they called me like that. It was not like I campaigned  just for the sake of it.  But I did campaign sincerely and in a serious manner for the party. In each and every place, they didn’t look at me as a movie star, but they saw me as one of their sisters.

Since two of my recent movies were super hits, the crowd was huge. I didn’t speak any of my filmy dialogues. But I reminded people about previous Govt’s corruption and what they were doing at Vidhana Soudha instead of speaking about peoples’ problems etc., Those were well received by public. Then everyone started calling me for their individual constituencies. After seeing the tremendous response to the campaign, I think “Mahila Congress” has called me like that.

Q: Its been sometime, you have acted in a Tamil movie. Why such a gap?

A: All my Tamil movies are hit movies. Since I’m very busy in Kannada and acting in Kannada movies non-stop, I’m not able to act in too many Tamil movies. Now I have a new movie with Shivanna (Shiv Raj Kumar). Most of my recent Kannada movies are super hits. So I have no other option but to continue in Kannada movies now. But I intend to focus on Tamil movies in the future.

Q: Tamil people have voted in overwhelming numbers to Congress.  What do you think about that?

A: Kannadigas and Tamils are living in Karnataka as Brothers and Sisters without any differences between them. Under Congress rule, Tamils feel more safer. I’m happy to note that not only in Bangalore urban areas but also in rural areas, Congress has received a majority of votes from Tamils.


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