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Vedhika’s Kumudam Interview (English Translation)

February 26, 2014

Vedhika – Kumudam Interview

While most heroines accept all movies that come in their way, here is Actress Vedhika who is very selective about accepting movies and who is earning a very good name for her in the process. Here are excerpts from talking to this “Oelly Belly” meaning Slim Belly…

Pet Name: Vedhu

Likes: Dance. Now, I have become addicted to Twitter and Facebook. I have 8 Lakh Followers in Facebook.

Dislikes: Those who make u trust, then back stab… (Bad Friends?)

Unforgettable Day: The day,  I won the Edison Award for Paradesi

Unforgettable Gift: When I was a kid, for one Christmas, my mom gave me a Diamond Ring. That was my unforgettable gift.

What type of Gal is Vedhika: Very, very simple girl. If u interact with me, you will know. (I’m happy)

With whom u fight a lot: My younger brother. We always fight. But at the same time, we are very close too.

Good habit: The thought process of whatever I do, I should do it perfectly.

Bad habit: I become too emotional.

Close Friend: In Chennai, I have Sangeetha and Amrita. They are my close friends.

Favorite Dish: I’m an addict to all Chinese dishes.

Favorite Movies: Angaadi Theru and Life is Beautiful

After 5 years: What? Am I going to capture the Government? I don’t have any plans like that. Just continue to do hard work.

Recent Happiness: Doing my second movie with Oscar Winner AR Rahman. I’m expecting a lot from Kaaviya Thalaivan.

About Actor Siddharth: One who loves Cinema. There is a director inside him. He will come out soon… Wait and see..

About Actor Simbu: Simbu is an open type. Whatever he has in his heart, he will tell that outside. That is his best quality. I want to act one more movie with him. I’m waiting.

Dream Boy: He should be very good. He should be very intelligent. Sense of humor is very important.

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